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DIY Saint John’s Wort oil

Using St. John’s Wort oil is a simple and easy-to-apply herbal remedy for countless skin conditions and other health issues. What is St. John’s Wort Oil? St.…

Don’t forget to believe

What do you know about Propolis ?

Nothing Bees Create Goes To Waste Consider bee propolis to be the “glue” that keeps everything together. Initially, propolis was thought to simply provide protection…

Be Brave

Healing Crystals Properties

Abalone Shell Just as an Abalone Shell provides safe shelter for abalone, it will also lend a protective, healing energy to your spirit. Shielding you…

Bentonite Clay Benefits

What Is Bentonite Clay? Also known as montmorillonite, bentonite clay is clay formed from the ash of volcanoes. The name “Bentonite” comes from the location of…

Right Focus

Blooming Time

Sage to Clear Negative Energy & Cleanse your Aura

The ancient art of burning sage The ritual burning of herbs and herbal resins is common to many cultures in the world. From the rich…

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